What do you do next when your home is ambushed, leaving one for dead?
That’s all that is on their minds now. 
And if you’re sick… and there is no doctor?
In search of a new place to live—while on the run from the Omen gang—Tonya nearly succumbs to her illness when they stumble across a strange and unreliable man on the road. This stranger knows of a community with a working hospital, and an apothecary that relies heavily upon holistic medicines. Tonya remains skeptical, but Darrick optimistically pushes the group forward in a relentless search to find someone who can help her. 
But, not everything is as it seems.

That was awesome

That was totally epic! 😳😂😂😂😂 way better than I even imagined!!! I believe, you my friend are more twisted than I thought. 

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